Spraybac 20

Spraybac 20 is a concentrated bioflavonoid based sanitiser, used for bulk sanitising operations.

During the Emerald floods in January 2008, a dragline was submerged when the Comet River burst it’s banks, flooding the Ensham Mine.

Pre and Post clean, the dragline was sanitised from top to bottom, to ensure the safety of maintenance staff.

Following this event, widespread flooding occurred in Mackay, where hundreds of homes were inundated and sewage entered the floodwaters.

Spraybac 20 was used through a microfogger to sanitise the homes, and remove mould spores. There has not been one recurrence of mould since treatment.

Spraybac 20 can be successfully employed for any bulk sanitation task particularly where safety and non-corrosivness are vital.

Spraybac 20 is the concentrated bulk form of “Spraybac” and is available in 20 litre-1000litre containers.

Genesis Industrial will also quote on bulk sanitation treatment if required.