Organolube is a lanolin based lubricant and protectant for the protection of all ferrous metals.

It differs from other lubricants in that it is absolutely hydrocarbon free. Other lanolin based products use “white spirits” a volatile hydrocarbon as a diluents to keep the lanolin soluble at room temperature.

Organolube uses a blend of citrus isoprenes and methyl esters as a carrier for the lanolin, and due to the high solvency of the blend, the lanolin content is able to be carried at 45%, the most highly concentrated product of it’s type.

Organolube is 100% naturally organic and biodegradable.


  • Rope Lube for cranes and other heavy duty applications.
  • Draw wire lube for the power industry
  • Marine fixtures and outboard pivot points.
  • Metal Protector for amphibious vehicles and vehicles in harsh salt water environments.
  • Concrete release agent where ultimate environmental responsibility is essential