Body Degreaser

Body Degreaser

The product has been formulated primarily for operators and cleaners dealing with greasy components, typically heavy mining equipment, including dragline cleaning, bucket and shovel cleaning, any machinery cleaning task where there is exposure to grease.

Traditional handcleaners for this task are either kerosene based, leading to severe drying of the skin over time, or grit based which can rub the skin raw without ever doing the job properly, and again leading to abrasion and drying, typical forerunners to dermatitic incidents.

Body Degreaser is a liquid blend of soft oils and organic methyl esters, which easily removes grease oil and other hydrocarbon soils, as well as organic solvents and emmolients to keep the skin supple.

To complete the task, the product is formulated to free rinse with water, leaving skin feeling soft and clean.

Body Degreaser is soft and safe enough to be used in the shower as well as washstations, and comes in a handy 5 litre bottle with a pump.

We believe this product is unique in the industry, and importantly affordable.