Using the sense of smell to create a desirable consumer response

Entice is a coffee scented front of house table and bench top spray & wipe cleaner with a very interesting coffee fragrance with overtones of chocolate.

The product was developed as a result of new scent marketing research which suggests that certain appealing scents have the effect of making people stay longer and either buy more or spend more particularly in the gaming industry.

The product when used in café’s shopping centre food courts, al fresco dining areas encourages passers by to linger.

Research is now indicating that the old adage “people buy with their eyes”, could be superceded by “people buy with their noses”

Scent marketing has been used widely in bakeries, and sends a very subliminal message.

Available in pack sizes from 500ml to 200 litre drums

We want to help you trial this product, and will pay the freight for you to anywhere in Australia. Entice 2.5 litre plus 500ml labelled spray bottle delivered free for $36.00